For Men Only – Let’s Talk About Coats

men coats for winter first impressionIt’s winter gentlemen, and most of you will battle the inclement weather with two coats in your wardrobe…your casual one for weekends or dress-down Fridays and your ‘good’ coat for regular work days and when your significant other insists you wear it for that dinner out.  Now, boys, that’s just not enough.  In North America,  our Fall and Winter seasons can be soooo unpredictable and you need to be prepared.  And besides, your vibrant lifestyle deserves more than just ‘good’ and ‘not so good’, doesn’t it?


Here are some basic jackets and coats to take you through October through April.  Take into consideration your lifestyle and budget and choose the ones that suit you best.  In my professional opinion, every man, especially if you live here in the Great White North, needs at least 4.


men's windbreaker / nylon sports jacketA Windbreaker or Nylon Sports Jacket

Perfect for those transitional months in the Fall or Spring.  If you’re dressed up more than dressed down, then opt for a ¾ length nylon sports jacket that you can get away with paired with some dress pants.  And find one that’s got a bit more pizzazz to it, rather than a simple bomber style.  Choose something in a light to medium weight or better yet, one with a detachable lining so that you can still be protected without feeling overly warm.


trenchcoatA Trenchcoat

A classic – you can’t go wrong.  Perfect for the commute during those rainy seasons.  Once again, you can find one with a removable lining for greater versatility.  Opt for a darker neutral tone so it can take you through Fall & Spring and won’t look so worn out from the elements after a couple of seasons.


men's peacoatA Peacoat

Another classic.  A peacoat, for those that may not be familiar with the terminology, is a military-style jacket – double-breasted, wool, usually, navy blue (but nowadays you can find them in different colours and fabrics, including leather and nylon).  They can be worn dressed up or casual and therefore are very versatile for work or weekend. 


cashmere topcoatA Topcoat

If you’re in suits 5 days or more a week, then you need a topcoat.  It’s definitely a dressier look, but tops off that suit in the sharpest way possible.  You can find them in wool, or if you’re so inclined, Mmmmm cashmere!  Charcoal, navy or camel are your best bet – black just gives you that funeral director look….not very sexy.


dolce gabbana white leather jacketA Leather Jacket

The look…cool & sexy.  Depending on your personal style, look for a motorcycle jacket, peacoat or ¾ length car coat.  The only downside to leather is it doesn’t repel the elements very well.   So don’t wear it in the rain or snow and be sure to clean and protect it regularly.


goose melton parkaA Parka

Canadian winters….need I say more?  They’re usually down-filled, but you can find some now with man-made fillers liker ‘Thinsulate’ that keep you just as warm, but are easier on sensitive noses.  One with a hood is a good idea especially if you enjoy lots of outdoor activities.


Finally, don’t forget to top off your topper with some great accessories – a rich, wool scarf, a cool or classic hat and of course, a great pair of leather gloves.   Remember guys, in the colder months, your coat is the first thing people will see, so make sure it’s both practical and polished.



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