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annual office christmas party etiquette tasteful clothingHoliday season is upon us and just around the corner is the annual office party.  Some people dread this event as they don’t believe in mixing work and personal life.  They’ve got a certain persona at work and totally different one evenings & weekends.  God forbid, they collide!  But no need to fret…you can keep your office persona and drink your egg nog too!  Just remember to relax and keep your wits about you.


Err on the side of conservative.  Remember, even though you may be out at a restaurant or even a pub or nightclub, you’re still with co-workers and most importantly, your boss.  So don’t overdo it.  Keep your clothing tasteful.  Dress it up if it’s a more formal occasion, but no low-cut, up to the ‘hmm hmm’ cocktail dresses.  Keep your neck and hemlines in check.   Gentlemen, take it up a notch for this event – it is a special occasion – especially if you’re celebrating outside of the office.  Put the kicks aside for a nice pair of dress shoes and coordinating socks and maybe throw on a casual jacket over your polo shirt.


Now, some of you may not like what I’m about to say, and this is only my opinion.  But I highly recommend you lose the novelty sweaters.  Leave Santa and Rudolph with the light-up nose at home….pleeeeease!  Get on the decoration committee if you feel the need to indulge in Holiday trimmings.


In addition to keeping your clothing classy, do the same for your behaviour.  Take it easy at the buffet table – no double-dipping, use utensils to serve your food, and if you’re first in line, remember, there’s a long line of hungry people behind you who could make your working life very miserable if you take all their food.  


Ahh, the open bar…an oasis at the end of a brutal 4th quarter.  Even if drinks are on the house, try to show some restraint.  You want to be remembered for your great conversation & wit, and not be tagged in some questionable photos on Facebook.


Speaking of conversation, choose your topics carefully.  Now is not the time to talk to your boss about that long overdue raise or complain to the office gossip about that nagging rash.  Steer clear of politics, sex and religion.  Keep it light…after all, it is a party.


Remember, no matter what you wear this Holiday Season, finish your look with a bright smile and a joyous heart.  No matter what you say or do, be sure to extend a kind hand and offer warm wishes.


Happy Holidays!


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