Cleanliness is Next to Fabulousness!

It’s the start of a New Year & a great time to start fresh & clean!  But this time, we’re not cleaning out your closet; we’re cleaning up those makeup bags!  Yes ladies, I’m talking to you – and maybe a couple of gents out there (your secret’s safe with me).  

 Makeup and skincare products don’t last forever, they all have they’re own shelf life.  They also need to be kept in the best possible condition to ensure you get the most beauty for your buck.  So follow these simple tips and make your skin and makeup outstanding!


Purge…it’s good for the soul & the face!

Get rid of your old beauty products.  All skin care and makeup items have certain shelf lives.  Usually liquid, cream or stick products (basically anything with moisture in them) have shorter shelf lives than powder products.  On average it’s 1 year for products such as lipsticks, cream, fluid or stick foundations, cream blushes, etc. once they’re open.  Powder products are usually good for 2 or 3 years, but always check regularly for discolourations, change in consistency and odour.   Cosmetic companies are now putting ‘best before’ dates on their packaging.  It’s usually noted by a picture of an open jar with the number of months it’s good for once opened (e.g. 6M, 12M, etc.).

Mascara is the one exception.  It should be replaced every 3 months once opened.  It’s a dark, moist environment – perfect for breeding bacteria and you don’t want to take chances with your eyes!


Clean your brushes!

We’re all guilty of this…present company included.  Yes, I’ll admit it…sometimes I get busy or just forgetful and this simple but important practice is neglected.   Oil, dirt and bacteria…oh my!  These nasty elements build up on our brushes after each use.  So make sure you clean your brushes at least once a week with a brush cleaner or a gentle shampoo.  Rinse them well and lay flat on a towel to dry overnight.  Clean brushes allow for more even application & a flawless finish.


Don’t double dip!

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before using your fingers to apply your products.   Try to use cosmetic spatulas or cotton swabs to remove creams from jars and avoid double-dipping. 


Good hygiene means good health!

Practicing good cosmetic hygiene can even help you avoid colds, minor infections and skin irritations.  Here are a few final tips to keep you looking good and feeling fabulous!

  • Clean your lipsticks with a tissue moistened with alcohol at least once a week, especially after you’ve had a cold.
  • Avoid putting cosmetic caps with rim down on bathroom counters to avoid picking-up bacteria. 
  • Keep the plastic separator in your powder/blush/eyeshadow cases to avoid putting used puffs directly back on the product.  This will keep oil, dirt & bacteria from contaminating it.
  • Never share your products!  ‘Cause that’s like soooo high school & soooo unhygienic!


In closing, take care of your products so they can take care of your skin.  Happy New Year everyone!

Cold Weather Skin Care

moisturize your skin - facial & whole bodyThe weather isn’t quite frightful yet, but soon it will be.  And although the fire is delightful, heating systems are being cranked and drying out your skin.  So get it winter-ready now.

I’m not just talking to the ladies, but the gents as well.  You don’t have to be plagued by dry, itchy winter skin, here are some nourishing tips to keep your skin looking hot in the freezing cold.



A proper cleansing both morning and night removes the excess sweat, oil and bacteria that have built up over the past few hours.  Ladies, if you wear makeup everyday, this is even more essential.  Find a cleanser formulated for your particular skin type:  dry, normal, oily or sensitive.  Not sure what your type is?  Ask for the advice of a professional like an esthetician or your favourite beauty advisor.  The drier air from indoor heating systems coupled with the harsh cold air outside tends to make everyone’s skin a little drier.  So even if you’re oily, make sure your cleanser won’t over strip and dry out your skin.



After you’ve cleansed, make sure to replenish the skin with some soothing hydration.  Remember, we’re made up of 80% water – it’s essential to our health.  Now, I know I don’t need to convince my dry-skinned readers, but for the oilier types, there’s a misconception that moisturizers just make you oilier.  Actually, the opposite is true.  Moisturizers add moisture or water to the skin, not necessarily oil.  To be sure of that, choose a moisturizer that’s oil-free.  A good balance of oil and moisture (water) will actually help to regulate the oil production in your skin.  That’s why skin specialists are always encouraging us to drink lots of water.  It flushes out impurities that can cause skin irritation and acne, and replenishes much-needed moisture.  Be sure to moisturize day and night, and not just your face, but your entire body.



I know we’re overwhelmed with information about sun production in the summer, but did you know we need it 365 days a year?!  The sun may not be as strong in the cooler months, but it’s long-range effects can be just as damaging.  If you enjoy outdoor activities such as skating, skiing, tubing, etc., then you need to be extra diligent.  The reflective glare off the snow is not just hard on your eyes, but your skin as well.



To help rid yourself of any dull, dry or flaky skin, exfoliate your skin once or twice a week in the evening in place of your cleanser.  Exfoliants come in many different forms:

  • Scrubs are very common and effective.  Just be sure not to use them on open scratches or wounds as it won’t allow them to heal properly.  Also avoid them on an acne breakout as it can spread the infection.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Retinol and other anti-aging ingredients – rather than manually removing the dead layer of skin like scrubs do, these ingredients do it for you.  A caution to sensitive skins as these ingredients could be over-stimulating.
  • Don’t like too many products?  A simple washcloth or body scrubbing sponge will yield the same effect.  Be sure to find a facial washcloth or exfoliating sponge for your face – they’re softer in texture and gentler on more delicate facial skin.


Our skin needs to last us a lifetime.  Although it naturally rejuvenates itself, as we age that process slows down.  So, a good solid skin care routine can help you withstand the elements and keep it looking younger and fresher, longer.